About us

We live passionately for exclusive Persian rugs

The passionate connection between the Mirazazadeh family and the rug production exists for many decades. In 1989, before Ali Mirzazadeh founded the most exquisite rug trade for exclusive orient rugs in Hamburg, Germany, his father had already made him familiar with the fascinating world of Persian rugs.

The art of rug knitting was passed on from generation to generation, on his father’s side of the family, therefore Ali Mirzazadeh had the chance to learn about all the facets of the rug industry. Ali Mirzazadeh acquired with his Hamburg based company very soon the reputation of the specialist for orient rugs.

The rugs were and still are only imported from the prestige’s Iranian weaver regions, such as Tabriz, Qom, Esfahan, Nain, and Mashhad.

Mirzazadeh is the market leader in the range of delicate rugs

Since Ali Mirzazadeh assigned his company to his son Shahram in 2003 and with that carried out a generation change, the market leader ship in relation to exquisite Persian rugs was further strengthened.

Our collection offers our customers exclusively valuable individual pieces. They are consistent worthy representatives of the traditional Art of rug weaving and thanks to their classic patterns in combination with precious material and the high-quality processing, they are true artwork on the floor. As such, they give every living environment a special interior highlight, which creates a unique sense of space.