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Delicate rugs for a noble style of living

With our collection we offer you unexceptional exclusive classic rugs from the exquisite weaving regions of Iran. Every single piece is already something special, because it also carries a piece of authentic history. Handwoven Persian rugs are known since their very first reference in the ancient Greek writings, and are known until today as an object of high artistic value and prestige. The Greek Author Xenophon described around 400 B.C. the rugs in connection with luxury, prestige and diplomacy.

At the very latest, since the early 17th century and the establishment of the farm manufactory through the Safavids, rug wowing gained a status of noble art. Since then, the rugs grace palaces, castles and also in nowadays representative and elegant living spaces around the world.

The special manufacturing method of Persian rugs contributes to and makes them the oldest art and handicraft of all time. UNESCO honored this in 2010 by putting the “Traditional Art of Handwoven Rugs” (in Fars and Kashan) on the list of “Representative Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

Our collection sets the scale for exclusiveness

Every single piece of our collection consists of rich details and specific stile elements, which are typical for the respective city or region, from which they origin. All of our pieces fulfill this criteria, and are being made by experienced weavers in prestigious atelier´s, and therefore can be considered as exclusive Persian rugs.

For decades our collections set standards for exclusive handwoven exquisite rugs. With our unique pieces from the prestigious wowing regions of Iran, we enrich your living environment in a unique and aesthetic way and define your rooms new.

We invite you to immerse into our fascinating gallery and get inspired by exclusive Persian rugs.